CargoX leverages the internet to promote information sharing and create value for all the constituents of the air cargo industry. It is an Independent Neutral Marketplace for Shippers and Forwarders which has an in-built reverse auction process.

Shippers get the best deals on their Export (From anywhere in India to anywhere in the World) and Import (From anywhere in the World to anywhere in India) requirements from the best-in-class IATA approved Forwarders.

Forwarders get access to large number of shippers and save valuable time and money spent on marketing their services.

CargoX generates ratings for the members based on the mutual feedback exchanged by them. This helps verify the credibility of a shipper and the service quality of a forwarder.
Benefits To Shippers
Save time and energy spent on negotiating with forwarders. Only a few consignment details are required.
Transparency - Access, check feedback and select best in class forwarders.
Save freight costs by using the reverse auction process.
Simple - After the auction is completed, contact the forwarder and proceed with the shipment.
Receive feedback and strengthen reputation.
Free!! - There are absolutely no charges whatsoever.
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